3 reasons why you still have mess in your room

You are a messy person, an artist…. and sometimes a slob. You never could keep your room clean no matter how hard you tried. You folded clothes, gathered things in boxes – nothing worked. You always ended up in good old mess.
Sounds familiar? I’m here to help. Here are 3 main reasons why you may be stuck in clutter.

  1. You don’t reorganize – if you always keep your shirts in one place and it doesn’t pass the clean test* something’s wrong. Sit down and think like you have all your furniture new and empty – Where would you put it?
    Right now you probably keep other things there, aren’t you? Take them out and there you have it. Reorganize everything untill you have no pile of stuff left

    *clean test – lack of feeling you get when you open a closet and think “Ehh… I just cleaned up why is everything scattered here*
  2. You can’t get into a habit – without the right impulse, it’s hard to keep things organized.
    Make a habit of putting things back to their place, preparing earlier what you will need, folding stuff, keeping the right order, etc.
    It pays off and saves a lot of time. Looking through your papers in the morning? Or perfect outfit? Guarenteed, you will strew things around. Prepare them the evening before when you’re calm and have time – everything is still in place.


  3. You own too much – it’s hard to get rid of certain objects.
    First, you need to wade through your goods. Do you need all of it? Donate or throw away what you don’t. If you need to keep something, find the most efficient way to store it. In boxes or in bags? Horizontally or vertically? Check what works best for you

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Featured image belongs to: Rafa Alvares

Hurray it’s May! – mental health month (week 1)

Honestly, I didn’t even know untill the news popped out on my tumblr. For me, it’s a lucky coincidence – at the end of May I’ll probably start treating my depression. It’s a huge step!
PostItForward claims week one is all about self-care practise and personal well-being so here is my list of self-care acts for this week:

  1. Unclutter my room – I always feel so much better when I know that all my shirts are nicely folded and all the papers are in separate folders and I can peacefully do my work
  2. Read, for duck’s sake, read – it’s time. No excuses. I need to read more and probably so do you.
  3. Do all my work – I have a spring break now. Overdue homework? DIY you’ve been planing for months? Me too. It’s time.lets-do-this
  4. 5 minutes of Norwegian – or any other skill you want to practise. Five minutes it’s an amount of time I think we’re all able to find. What you do in that time is your gain.
  5.  Drink more water – it’s my personal goal.  I started drinkin juices and fizzy drinks and beer again and my organism doesn’t approve.

This week, I’ll try to put together my shit. Via self-care of course. Because my best self-care act is to have a plan, an organized life and some time to stop when needed.

What are your self-care acts for this week? What do you do to feel better? Let me know in the comments!podpis2

What I learned about making plans: 7 days of flu

I’m one of that people who suffer from constant lack of time. If so are you, see what I have learned about long-term planning while I was stuck at home for 7 days. And let me tell you – it was a nightmare.


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I will teach you to be exclusive

-Everyone was so nice and normal and… cool.
Alexa Chung “The future of fashion”

In “The future of fashion” Alexa Chung claims that people from “Vogue” were ordinary. No splendor, snobbery or contempt. I thought: “maybe they were nice because they were happy”. We see them as posh and outstanding and I guess some of them really are. But what if the key to be exclusive is to feel happy? What do you really need to gain respect and popularity? Here’s a few tips and tricks:

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