Hurray it’s May! – mental health month (week 1)

Honestly, I didn’t even know untill the news popped out on my tumblr. For me, it’s a lucky coincidence – at the end of May I’ll probably start treating my depression. It’s a huge step!
PostItForward claims week one is all about self-care practise and personal well-being so here is my list of self-care acts for this week:

  1. Unclutter my room – I always feel so much better when I know that all my shirts are nicely folded and all the papers are in separate folders and I can peacefully do my work
  2. Read, for duck’s sake, read – it’s time. No excuses. I need to read more and probably so do you.
  3. Do all my work – I have a spring break now. Overdue homework? DIY you’ve been planing for months? Me too. It’s time.lets-do-this
  4. 5 minutes of Norwegian – or any other skill you want to practise. Five minutes it’s an amount of time I think we’re all able to find. What you do in that time is your gain.
  5.  Drink more water – it’s my personal goal.  I started drinkin juices and fizzy drinks and beer again and my organism doesn’t approve.

This week, I’ll try to put together my shit. Via self-care of course. Because my best self-care act is to have a plan, an organized life and some time to stop when needed.

What are your self-care acts for this week? What do you do to feel better? Let me know in the comments!podpis2

4 thoughts on “Hurray it’s May! – mental health month (week 1)

      1. When you are a bachelor sharing your room with other guy
        There is nothing much you can do to avoid it from losing its shine.
        A day or two
        And it will be cluttered as ages
        Until next weekend
        When one of us cleans
        And the story repeats


      2. Ehh I know what you’re talking about. During school I share a room with two girls. Sad high five for forever clutter room 😂


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