4 TV series that you will not regret watching

Hi, how was your week? If there’s something I really enjoy doing it’s watching tv series. I went through teenage romance, korean dramas and anime just to end up more or less where I’ve started. I enjoy watching fantasy, criminal, si-fi but all in all I just need an interesting plot to bite into.

Doctor Who
Mayority of the Doctor Who haters didn’t gave this show a chance. I have to admit this series is a monster and a huge time-consumer tho I like how it reminds of important things like friendship, keeping ones mind open etc. Before starting Doctor Who I would highly recommend doing some research about at what season to start.

Criminal series found when I was into 10th Doctor played by David Tennant. I watcheda it right after premiere without subtitles and scottish accent didn’t make it any easier. It was fun: actors that I know (the game called :”where did I see you before?”), great plot and personal drama. I also enjoyed the mood – lighter than in Fargo, darker than in Sherlock. Not many occasions to laugh, not so many to cry.


Speaking of. I remember when first season was transmited into polish television – everybody was watching. Well.. I mean my collages, my sibling, people my age. It brought people together for a moment, because everyone was discussing the show later. If you haven’t watch Sherlock yet then you totally should! Just like with Doctor Who, the further season the more emotions, personal stuff and it’s all getting more complicated. Some rather the first season when it’s just a veteran and a detective solving crimes but for each their own I guess.

My mad fat diary
It’s a story about a girl who leaves psychiatric hospital and try to reconnect (and deal) with peers and hormones. I’ve got a big sentiment for that show. It really got me thinking. In my opinion it’s great for teenagers. After rewatching MMFD I saw how much drama can a 16 y/0 cause as well as how important this period is. It can also help realize that not only you have problems going on and reminds how to look at a situation from different points of view.

And that’s it. My favourite TV shows. I hope you will loook them up or maybe rewatch if you’ve seen them already. What are yours favourite series? Recommend me something in the comments. See you later!podpis

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