What I learned about making plans: 7 days of flu

I’m one of that people who suffer from constant lack of time. If so are you, see what I have learned about long-term planning while I was stuck at home for 7 days. And let me tell you – it was a nightmare.


First of all

When I started to write this post it was Friday evening and I still had 3 beautiful days to finish all my stuff. Sadly, I suck at planning… or should I say realizing how much time does it take me to make certain things. Basically I’m a master at putting work off but we’re all pretty good at procrastinating, aren’t we? My advice is to plan how much time do you need to finish your tasks so you will know when you really need to stop doing nothing. In that way, you will know when it’s time to stop look throug the travel agency’s offers and actually book your ticket.

Summer plans

I’m turning 18 this summer and I wanted to buy myself something special. I was torn apart between a music festival ticket (I’m sorry Tom Odell I still love you) and a really nice pair of sneakers. Because – funny thing – the price is more or less the same. And as much as I love music festivals I realized that the one I’m interested in is a little bit to early and I won’t have the money yet. So sneakers. I’ve chosen 2 models, checked prices and delivery. It took me about 4 hours or even more because I know nothing about sport shoes. And then I’ve checked the review just to find out that these are not the shoes I want (I mean I still want them desperately but they’re not running shoes). Conclusion: plan things from the most important to the less. Quit choosing your suitcase if you’re not sure where you’re going.


Dismiss the unimportant ideas

This one is kind of related to the previous one. The biggest problem is that I can’t stick to what I’ve decided so my plans change thousand times a week. I could do that insted of this, and I can do it later and now I could… No. If it sound familiar to you, you need to stop. If you have planned something do it. I will probably take less time than you think. Also while organizing your plans you have to dismiss the ideas that are unlikely to become true or just don’t feel well. If one of the main attracions is a climbing wall and you have a fear of heights, you can probably live without it no matter how cool those guidebooks make it look.

Do you have any summer plans yet? Or maybe a spring ones? Let me know in the comments below 😉 Oh! And a very happy Easter! Yourpodpis

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