I will teach you to be exclusive

-Everyone was so nice and normal and… cool.
Alexa Chung “The future of fashion”

In “The future of fashion” Alexa Chung claims that people from “Vogue” were ordinary. No splendor, snobbery or contempt. I thought: “maybe they were nice because they were happy”. We see them as posh and outstanding and I guess some of them really are. But what if the key to be exclusive is to feel happy? What do you really need to gain respect and popularity? Here’s a few tips and tricks:

In order to become exclusive you have to work like exlusive people. They’re not rich and famous for nothing. Don’t even bring up the Karashians – Kim is a real businesswomen. Think about Alexa’s “Vogue people”. They’ve already acomplished something through hard work and effort. Remember that they’re no differente from us. It can really motivates you. All in all we all have a chance!

Once in a while do yourself a favor and drink a nice cup of tea or coffee. Not the one that you’re drinking in the rush before going to work or school. Take that fancy teacup you never use, maybe add some whipped cream or starwberries, something that will make it special. Buy yourself a nice T-shirt, relax. Do something special because you’re a special person. And then go back to work!

Put a heart in everything you do but don’t be so hard on yourself. Talk only if you know what you’re talking about and learn. Learn from everyone around you. Knowledge is the power and power is the bust of self-confidence. If you’ll be happy with who you are, you’ll be able to feel special.

The truth is there is no guaranteed way to success or happiness but keeping that “luxorius” state of mind will definitely affect your life in positive way. Even if the cashier is not asking you for an autograpgh (yet) you’ll be radiating the same kind of confidence that characterize powerful people. Ready to get exlusive?


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